Monday, June 27, 2005

Felix Kulov?

Chris, what's your opinion of Felix Kulov? He'd was once mayor of Bishkek, but went to jail on charges of corruption soon after announcing he was running for parliament (back in 2000). During the March 24 coup/revolution he was released from prison by protestors, and Bakiyev appointed him head of law enforcement and security. After about a week he claimed he'd successfully restored order, resigned from the security position, and said he was ready to go back to jail. At the time I wondered whether he was serious or whether it was a political stunt meant to improve his repuation. I still don't know. The courts dropped all charges against him, so he didn't have to go back to jail. He announced he'd run for president, but eventually made a deal with Bakiyev to be his running mate. He'll be appointed deputy prime minister after the election (and not just on an interim or acting basis, like all the politicians have claimed to be doing since March). I don't know if he's from the north or south, and I don't think he and Bakiyev are anything more than allies of convenience.


Blogger Chris Weaver said...

Yeah I think it was a stunt to clear his name. I really think that his whole appointment the day of the coup was a bit strange. He must be the first guy in history to go from convict to chief of police in the same day.

27 June, 2005 10:40  

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